The Lincoln range

The spiritual journey began in 2016 with a gin & tonic in
an airport bar and a desire for a new direction in life.

Today, we are the first legal distillery in Lincoln since Victorian times, home to the Lincoln gins and a growing product range.

Lincoln Dry Gin  is made in small batches using traditional handmade, copper alembic, pot stills. We take great pride in our work and ensure every bottle is perfect before it leaves the distillery. Ten carefully chosen botanicals go into Lincoln Dry Gin.

Recipe inspiration came from the history and nature of our local area and includes elderflower growing on the commons, liquorice root from Liquorice Park and beetroot as a nod to a former distillery in the City. Lincoln Gin is thought to be one of the first London dry gins to use the superfood beetroot as a botanical.

With those traditional categories in mind, an exciting addition is our Cask Aged Gin. We fill 20 litre oak casks with Lincoln Dry Gin and lay them down for around three months, in which time a great deal of flavour and colour, from the wood, imparts into the spirit.

A further addition to the Lincoln Gin range is Navy gin. Traditionally bottled at 57% Vol. This was to ensure that if your ships barrels of gin ration were struck by an enemy cannonball, soaking your powder kegs, its high strength (or proof) being flammable would still ignite your gunpowder allowing you to return fire!

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